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Statement by Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran On behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement Before The Sixth Committee of the 73th Session of the United Nations General Assembly On "Measures to eliminate international terrorism" (Agenda item 111) New York, 3 October 2018
I have the honour to speak on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement. At the outset I would like to congratulate you and the members of the bureau on your deserving election. Allow me to assure you of the Non-Aligned Movement’s fullest cooperation and support throughout the work of the Sixth Committee.
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Statement of Iran before the Third Committee of the 73rd Session of the GA Agenda Items 109 and 110: International Drug Control / Crime Prevention (New York, 4 October 2018)
Mm. Chair, [We acknowledge the reports presented to the Committee under these agenda items.] [The Islamic Republic of Iran maintains that the three international drug control conventions shape the bedrocks of the international drug control system due to their comprehensive and flexible nature. Iran also continues to call for adoption of a balanced and comprehensive strategy in countering world drug problem at all levels. We further call for expansion of regional and international cooperation for realization of the principle of collective and international shared responsibility.] For a long time countries like Iran that are positioned at the frontline of countering the world’s illicit drug traffickingbear the brunt of the burden caused by drug traffickers who are typically armed and linked to transnational organized crime and terrorist networks. They cause serious security threats to our society by targeting the social fabric of our communities and stealing our present and future generations. Unfortunately, the international community and relevant partners are yet to deliver their fair share in combating this global menace. The unprecedented increase in the diversity and volume of drug production in the world should be partly attributed to insufficient reaction of international community.
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Statement of the Islamic Republic of Iran under agenda item 28 (Social Development)
Let me begin by expressing my heartfelt congratulations to you Mr. Chairman and other members of the Bureau for your election and wish you success in leading the Committee’s work. My delegation also aligns itself with the statement made by Egypt on behalf of G77 and China. Ending poverty in all its forms everywhere and ensuring healthy lives for all at all ages, are integral to our common development agenda. These goals are universal, interlinked and need to be addressed in unison. As also highlighted in the report on the Outcome of World Summit for Social Development, there is a need for adopting appropriate mix of policies by States. Meanwhile, the international community and development partners have a responsibility to support national efforts or at least avoid practicing harmful measures that constitute barriers towards achieving social development goals.
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In the exercise right of reply, my delegation wishes to respond to the statement made today by the Israeli PM.
The Israeli regime has long history in following opportunistic policy to mislead others. The intention of this psychological projection behavior is to divert attentions from its inhumane and savage actions against Palestinians and other Arab nations. This has brought so much suffering, caused so many crises and sown so much instability and anger throughout the region. Israel Regime continues to be the top spoiler of peace and stability in such volatile region as the Middle East.
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Statement of H.E. Mr. Hassan Rouhani, President 25 September 2018
Statement Summary: HASSAN ROUHANI, President of Iran, said the world is suffering from recklessness and some States’ disregard for international values and institutions. The idea that peace and security can be secured at the cost of denying it to others is an illusion that should be cast away. “Confronting multilateralism is not a sign of strength; rather, it is a symptom of weakness of intellect,” he stated, adding that those who seek dominance and hegemony are enemies of peace.
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