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News > Irans letter to UNSG and UNSC on Saudis support from Terrorist acts in Iran

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Irans letter to UNSG and UNSC on Saudis support from Terrorist acts in Iran

Upon instruction from my Government and pursuant to letters dated 4 May 2017 (S/2017/393), 8 June 2017 (S/2017/489) and 3 October 2018 (S/2018/891) from the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding the short-sighted policies of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to promote extremist and terrorist groups in the region, I have the honor to bring the following to your attention:

There is enough evidence about the subversive plans of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against the Iranian security and economy. This includes its publicized plan to “work so that the battle is … inside Iran”. It has supported terrorist groups and criminal activities inside the Islamic Republic of Iran as part of such a plan. The terrorist acts that have occurred in Iran in recent years, including those in the city of Ahvaz on 22 September 2018 (S/2018/891) and Tehran on 7 June 2017 (S/2017/489) - both of which were condemned by the Security Council - are linked to, sponsored or encouraged by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The recent media reports regarding the Saudi conspiracy to sabotage the Iranian economy and assassinate Iranian officials by recruited terrorists confirms other relevant available intelligence and data. This should certainly be considered part of the larger plan of Saudi Arabia to destabilize the whole region.

Only one example of such an adventurist policy of Saudi Arabia is within its widespread systematic crimes in Yemen, including the deliberate targeting of mosques, hospitals, schools and historical sites, attacking wedding and funeral ceremonies and school buses, killing defenseless women and innocent children, destroying the basic infrastructure of the country, spreading contagious diseases and famine, as well as displacing millions of civilians. To prevent the continuation of such crimes, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must be compelled to stop its brutalities and be held accountable for committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The international community of States has a responsibility to adequately address such destabilizing behaviors of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and reject its criminal activities, especially its plans to assassinate Iranian officials.

I should be grateful if you would have the present letter circulated as a document of the Security Council.

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