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Statement by the representative of Islamic Republic of Iran on Human rights situations

Statement by the representative of Islamic Republic of Iran under agenda item 72c

Human rights situations (27 October 2017)

Mm. Chairman,

The blockade imposed by Saudi Arabia on Yemen has put at least a million children at risk of death by famine and cholera. When I finish this statement, ten more children will be infected by cholera. Saudi kills more children in the world than any terrorist organization. At home, Saudi continues beheading peaceful political opponents. Saudi violently silences any voice of discontent against the royal family. Saudi continues the practice of mass expulsion of Shai minority population from their homes, systematic anti Shia campaign in the country and widespread destruction of their homes including in the eastern city of Awamiya. In the meantime, at the regional level it is actively engaged in choking people’s dream for democracy and human rights in the whole Persian Gulf region. At the global level, over the past three decades, Riyadh has spent tens of billions of dollars exporting state-sponsored Wahhabism that from Asia to Africa and from Europe to the Americas has wrought havoc. With its denegation of others as infidel, Saudi Wahhabism has made recruitment for Al Qaeda, ISIS and other terrorist groups possible. Flow of the Saudi petrodollars to extremist groups in Syria and other parts of the world continues to put in peril human rights of millions of peoples.

Mm. Chairman,

The serious violations of human rights by the United States both inside and outside of the country seems to be continued unabated. A long list of human rights abuses, such as racial profiling, ethnic disparities, ethnic or racial bias in the criminal justice system, excessive use of force by police, mass espionage, torture and ill-treatment of detainees and detention without charge at Guantánamo Bay, are yet to be addressed. Violations such as disappearances, assassination, drone strikes and other covert operations, racial disparities before law enforcement which have led to the incarceration of a disproportionatenumber of minorities, hate speech by high ranking politicians that resulted in the increase of bigoted measures such as the Muslim Ban, improper use of solitary confinement, denial of civil rights, brutalityparticularly against young people from racial and ethnic minorities are prevalent.

In Europe, discrimination is one of the most serious and pervasive human rights challenges. Discrimination and hate speech and crime, are increasing and are mainly directed against the most vulnerable peoples in particular Muslims and migrants.

           In Canada, violation of human rights of indigenous people and their over representation in courts and prisons settings continues to be stirred by their systematic disadvantages in terms of access to education, employment, and basic needs. Besides that, discrimination against members of other minorities, racial, and religious groups including Muslims is rampant.  

Israeli policies of intimidation, aggression and occupation continue to be a major source of instability in the Middle East and beyond. Illegal settlements, unlawful and inhumane blockade and abhorrent racism persist while millions of civilians -women, children, people with disability and elderly people- are being taken hostage by Israel. This level of human rights violation for 21st century is appalling   

Thank you. 

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