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News > 2 Oct 2017- Statement by Mr. Mohammad HassaniNejad before the Third Committee of the 72th Session of the General Assembly on Social Development

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2 Oct 2017- Statement by Mr. Mohammad HassaniNejad before the Third Committee of the 72th Session of the General Assembly on Social Development

Statement by Mr. Mohammad HassaniNejad

Counsellor, Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations before the Third Committee of the 72th Session of the General Assembly: agenda item 27: Social Development

(New York, 2 October 2017)


In the name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

Mr. Chairman,

At the outset, I would like to congratulate you and other members of the Bureau for your election and wish you all the best in leading the Committee’s work.

Social development as an integral part of sustainable development needs to receive greater attention at both national and international levels. Poverty eradication, ensuring health, education and employment opportunities, social inclusion and addressing inequalities are amongst the imperative and primary responsibilities of all governments. In the context of today’s growing global interdependence, better fulfillment of these important commitments relies on an enhanced international cooperation among governments.  

Mr. Chairman,

The Islamic Republic of Iran places people at the heart of all development efforts and believes in the indispensability of human development for the achievement of social development. It explains the high priority that my country grants to the issues of empowerment and education of all citizens especially the youth. Iran’s extensive investment in the education and health sectors, including through access to free education for all and the provision of access to very low cost healthcare services for everyone are paid off. Constant improvement of our country’s place in the world Human Development Index is a clear indication of such success. Here, I am pleased to add that at the beginning of the new educational year less than two weeks ago, over 400.000 children of undocumented refugee families were enrolled and attended the school so benefited the provision of free education. Though leaving a heavy burden on our national education system, it was accomplished as a step towards ensuring that no child is left behind.

The issue of social development has been constantly viewed as a top priority across all strategic documents in Iran. For instance, the “Law of the sixth Five-Year Plan of Economic, Social and Cultural Development” adopted in 2017, positions social development as a major theme. Amongst others, this development plan includes directions on eradication of poverty, empowering the poor and other disadvantaged persons with priority accorded to the female headed households, promoting social insurances and pensions, prevention of social harms such as addiction, divorce, marginalization, child labor,  strengthening the family institution, supporting a family-centered society and family-centered economy especially in the rural and remote areas,disability sports development, and offering incentives to entrepreneurs.

Mr. Chairperson,

The Islamic Republic of Iran is of the view that ageing should not be seen as a barrier and senior citizens must be able to enjoy the same rights and privileges as others. The National Council for the Older Persons in Iran consisting of seven cabinet ministers as well as experts and academia, constantly advises government agencies on the issues that older persons are facing with and drafts appropriate regulations to address them. Providing an income security for the older persons especially in the rural and remote areas and their free access to the public services including transportation, sports and recreation facilities are among the steps taken by the government in support of its senior citizens.  

With regards to persons with disabilities, empowering them has been always one of the main concerns of our policy makers. Inclusion of persons with disabilities in society through facilitating their education and vocational training has been actively pursued by the Government. For instance, people with disabilities have special quota in the national university entrance exam. In addition, the Government offers tax and insurance incentives to entrepreneurs who provide proper job opportunities for persons with disabilities. 

In conclusion, I would like to underline the importance that my country attaches to the family and the fact that promoting the culture of living in a family as the basic and fundamental unit of society contributes to social inclusion of all individuals especially the youth, persons with disabilitiesand older persons.

I thank you Mr. Chairman.

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